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In a competitive and fast-paced world, developers have to fight tight deadlines and constantly changing program specifications.

CodeHealer helps developers by checking code for errors and opportunities for improvement, auditing code for quality control issues, and reporting numerous code metrics. CodeHealer quickly and efficiently performs source code analysis and verification to save you time and help you find problems before your users do.

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Press Praise
"In brief, CodeHealer is not likely to appeal to amateur coders, but for anyone developing commercial quality software using Delphi, it would be an extremely valuable tool."
Huw Collingbourne
Bitwise Magazine

"I can highly recommend the use of CodeHealer as a Quality Assurance utility to increase the quality (or at least the awareness) of your Delphi code."
Dr. Bob (Swart)
The Developers Group Magazine

"CodeHealer should sit in your application build process very nicely indeed. Code verification using CodeHealer: it gets my vote."
Craig Murphy
The Delphi Magazine

"CodeHealer is a very useful product, with many great features. It should be part of Delphi!"
Johan Parent
Software Developer Network Magazine

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